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Our History :


Kakazai (also known as Loi Mamund) Pashtuns

The Kakazai, also known as Loye or Loi Mamund and a division of Mamund clan, are part of the larger Tarkalani Pashtun tribe who are mainly settled in Bajaur Agency, Pakistan, but originally hailed from the Laghman province of Afghanistan. However, it has grown and scattered around to such an extent that it is recognized as tribe of its own.

Etymology ::

The name "Kakazai" means "descendants/offspring/children of Kakae or Kaka" (in Pashto, Kaka or Kakae = a contemporary Afghan name for a male. It is also used for Paternal Uncle, Zai = descendants/offspring/children of, a root also used in other Pashtun tribes such as Yousafzai). Spelling variants include: Kakaezai, Kakezai, Kakaizai, Kakay Zai, Kakayzai, Kakeyzai, Kaka Zai and Kakkayzai.

Early History ::

The Kakazai came to South Asia during Afghan invasions such as those of Mahmud of Ghazni, settling in various regions.

British-Raj Era :

A major Kakazai group from Gurdaspur, East Punjab, India settled in twelve villages, including Babal Chak, Faizullah Chak, Sut Kohiah (Satkoha), and Wazir Chak, near Dhariwal. At the partition of India in August 1947, having been initially told they (being Muslim) would be in Pakistan, they were caught up in the ensuing violence and the survivors displaced when their area became part of India.

Modern Era :

Today, the majority of the Kakazai reside in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, they reside in Marawara District, and the Barkanai and Shortan areas of Kunar as well as some areas of Laghman.

In Pakistan, they reside in all provinces, particularly in the areas of Dara Kakazai (Valley of Watelai, also known as Mamund Valley), Bajaur Agency (Lagharai, Kalozai, Kaga, Mukha, Maina and Ghakhi areas of Tehsil Mamund), Lahore, Abbottabad, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Sialkot, Dera Ghazi Khan, Quetta, Karachi, Kashmir, Jehlum, Bhalwal, Sargodha, Chakwal, Isa Khel, Musa Khel, and Killi Kakazai (Pishin, Baluchistan).

Consequently, the Kakazai Pashtuns not residing in Pashto-speaking areas, despite practicing Pashtunwali, do not exclusively speak Pashto but may speak other languages indigenous to Pakistan and Afghanistan such as Dari, Urdu, Punjabi, Siraiki, Hindko and Balochi.

Personalities ::

Notable Kakazai Pashtuns include Nawab Bahadur Yar Jang, Malik Barkat Ali, Malik Ghulam Muhammad, Abdullah Malik, Munir Ahmad Khan, Javed Ahmad Ghamidi, Malik Meraj Khalid, Ishfaq Ahmad, Abdul Waheed Malik, Waseem Malik and the historian Khan Roshan khan.

Sub-divisions of Kakazai Pashtuns ::

- Daulat Khel
- Khulozai
- Mahsud Khel
- Maghdud Khel
- Mahmud Khel
- Umar Khel
- Yusaf Khel

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